CitiFXProBased on online reviews from experienced foreign exchange traders CitiFX Pro is by far the most highly recommended foreign exchange broker a trader could choose. CitiFX Pro is a division of Citibank and there extensive network reaches globally.

They offer trading platforms and programs that are well suited for anyone, from the biggest institutional trader or the small beginning foreign exchange trader. They offer desktop trading, web trading and mobile trading. Their far reaching network assures there will be very little slippage in trade execution which is critical to foreign exchange trading success.

Citi offers a complete institutional Center for their clients that gives the smaller trader a distinct advantage in keeping up with market trends and news. They also offer unparalleled spot forex trading. Citi clients have immediate access to the latest market news and commentary, 130 plus currency pairs can be traded with Citi and they use the metatrader4 platform for its clients. Citi also has many decades of experience in the foreign exchange market and was recently warded the “Best Bank for Spot forex” trading award. Their Institutional Center offers clients a flexible pricing model, Fixed API, Institutional level liquidity and speed execution of trades, Prime Broker give Ups, and much more. These are very important tools which are usually available to institutional traders only and this gives the “little” guy an incredible advantage in trading the market.

CitiFX customer service is also very highly recommended plus they are based in the U.S. which is also very important when choosing a Forex broker. Traders can sign up for an account at and the sign up process is simple compared to most other brokers. If you are a beginning foreign exchange trader or an institutional trader, Citi FX Pro is a foreign exchange broker you should seriously consider. Choosing the right foreign exchange broker is one of the most critical decisions a new or seasoned trader will make, which makes Citi a top choice.