WorldProFX Review

World Pro FX ( is a heavy hitter in the forex community. Regardless of what your forex needs might be, this is a one-stop site. They are first and foremost a forex broker, but they also have a wealth of information including live support that will assist you in every step of your trading. If you want an all inclusive

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AVAFX Review

AVAFX ( is an award winning online trading center that allows traders to learn about their craft while actively allowing them to make currency trades online. Whatever currencies you are interested in trading, AVAFX will be there to help you. They offer dozens of currencies, metals, and commodities for traders to actively

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FXPrimus Review

Founded by retail traders just like you, FXPrimus offers you great execution on all trades and some excellent technology that can be seen only at the institutional level. They want the trader to have the right tools and not feel like it is an us against them setup. Based on a stable platform, superior customer service and plenty of

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Insta Forex

InstaForex Review

Who is InstaForex? is the home of one of the world’s most popular forex trading sites. Donning the title of the Best Forex Broker in Asia, this broker has one of the most complete trading experiences out there. With 107 currency trading tools plus the ability to trade certain commodities such as gold, you can trade

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4XP Broker Review

4XP Review

Have a closer look at our 4XP Review and see some of the great features they offer to Forex Traders. Whether you've been trading Forex for 10 years or one day you need to know that the link to the markets can only be done by retail Forex Brokers. Finding the right one for your needs is why we created this site. We want you to make an

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  • Best Forex Brokers 2014

    1 Spread: Tight
    Leverage: 500:1
    Min. Deposit: $1000
    Debit Card: Yes
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    2 Symbols: 300+
    Leverage: 1000:1
    Min. Deposit: $1
    Spread: Variable*
    30% Bonus
    Max. First
    Deposit Bonus

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    3 Spread: Fixed
    Leverage: 300:1
    Min. Deposit: $500
    Platform: Metatrader
    Max. First
    Deposit Bonus

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    4 Regulator: EU
    Leverage: 200:1
    Min. Deposit: $100
    Spread: 1.5 pips*
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    5 Metatrader 4.0:Yes
    Leverage: 400:1
    Min. Deposit: $250
    Spread: .4 pips*
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    Anyone who trades Forex knows how difficult it was finding the top broker for their taste and methods. Here you will find some information to help you make a more informed decision on a Forex broker.

    Some of the information about the Best Forex Brokers Include:

    1. Regulated Brokers
    2. The Best Spreads
    3. Transaction Costs
    4. Platform
    5. Customer Service

    Information about each of these items will help you trade better with more confidence. Test driving a Forex Broker is critical before sending in your hard earned cash. With Forex brokers, you can demo/practice/test their platforms and customer service even before you put any money in. These brokers know it can be difficult, but they want your business, so try every thing you can before you commit. Ask questions and do your research.

    What are Regulated Brokers?
    These particular brokers are watched by protection agencies, so the investor has more comfort in where they put their money. Brokers such as and are two brokers that are regulated by the NFA. Using a regulated Forex broker will give you a peace of mind for sure. This will all come down to your needs and world location. However, you may need to work with a broker outside the US if you are seeking certain methods of trading.
    What are spreads?
    These are price points between the bid and ask price. At any given time a fixed spread or an adjustable spread will be offered for trading. These spreads will vary and are fairly important to consider when trading. Don’t always assume the lower the spread the better the broker.
    What are transaction cost’s?
    These are what will crush a small account after a while of trading. Any time you have spreads or commissions you are paying the broker this amount and your trade starts in the negative. It is the price to pay for trading, but Forex rebates will help alleviate the pain of the transaction costs.
    How do I choose a platform?
    The ideal platform is one that will allow you single click execution and automated trading. The metatrader 4.0 platform will allow you to demo for as long as you would like. This platform is well known in the trading community and has only gotten better over the years.
    How important is customer service?
    This is the line between you and the actual broker you are working with. Should something happen this will be a core piece to your resolution. Definitely consider good customer service brokers ratings before you decide.

    What does all this mean about the Best Forex Broker? It means you have a lot of options which is great, however you need to make sure you are comfortable with your decision. The creation of was to give you that opportunity.